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Carly & Bethany are friends. We met working at Camp Tadmor in Lebanon, Oregon in 2007.

What is Bible With Us?

Through the years we experienced many different seasons of being roommates, friending long distance, working together in ministry and trying to keep each other out of trouble.

During the roommate years, we made it a habit of starting each morning at the kitchen table with coffee and Bibles. In March of 2013 we were catching up on the phone, once again long distance, and it always seemed that whenever one of us was having an emotional crisis, the reason could always be tracked back to a lack of Bible reading.

It turns out, we’re too imaginative to be alone with our thoughts. We decided to start reading the same part of the Bible together and e-mail each other about it every day.

It blossomed in to one of our “best decisions ever” and now we want to let friends in on our secret to success: spending the beginning of each day meditating on the TRUTH of a wise and loving God.

Carly lives in Decatur, Alabama with her husband, son and daughter.

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Beth and I started BWU because we’re convinced nothing can replace sitting down and reading God’s word yourself. It’s central to knowing him. No excuses.

I encourage you to find out for yourself who God says he is. It’s far too important to leave it up to someone else to tell you.

Bethany lives in Viterbo, Italy.

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Now that I live in Europe, surrounded by multi-lingual people who definitely know more about world history, the learning curve is massive.

Certainly, I have moments where the more I know, the more I wish I lived in a small town and only obsessed over provincial matters, but something I have learned is just how important it is to be literate.

My friend Carly and I started this blog a few years back to allow people to join in on the studies we’d shared via e-mail three years leading up to it.