Reading the Bible daily has become central to our sanity. We think it will be the same for you, so we invite you to join us.

Each day will include where we’re reading, what questions we ask ourselves to engage the text, things that stand out, truths to focus on and ideas for application.

We don’t want you to read our posts instead of reading your Bible. We HIGHLY encourage you to read and journal along. Carve out some time to thank the Lord for the things you’re discovering about Him, praise Him for His awesomeness, repent for the things you’re convicted of and bring Him your daily burdens. Make sure to go back in your journal histories and see how many of those prayers He answers. It’s the best. Your journey with Him is worth recording. Remembering His faithfulness is key to continuing in faithfulness.

Plus! We know we’re not the only ones who are having a great experience with God while reading the Bible, and would love to hear about yours. Head on over to “Become a Contributor” tab when you’re ready.