Revelation 21-22 B

I remember panicking whenever they talked about Heaven in church. (Bethany touches on this in her post last time.) “We will get to worship God for the rest of eternity!” My mind would flicker back to the all-family worship services my church held quarterly. The ones that dragged on and on and were only survived by frequent bathroom trips, breath mints dug out of moms purse and tic tac toe games on the church bulletin. Please, this could not possibly be how we are spending eternity!

As I’ve continued to live my life following Christ, I’ve experienced lots of different kinds of worship and realized all the things I love about life are acts of worship. Eating a good meal. Listening to a really good story that points back to God’s goodness. Quality time with a companion. Snuggling a really excited puppy. Watching winter transition into spring. Seeing fog drag across the top of mountains. Serving other people because I love them. Receiving an act of service from someone because they love me. Harvesting vegetables out of the dirt. Watching my house plants twist towards the sunlight, no matter where I put them in the house. Being with God’s people. These all provide small moments of worship and leave my bones aching for an eternity of it all. Especially in the New Heavens, where pain, suffering, trauma, abandonment, abuse, neglect, theft, drought, anxiety, fear, scarcity, starvation, loneliness, panic, rejection, poverty, mourning and death will never exist.

We still have one more book left to read together, but the completion of Revelation feels like a good spot to reflect.

The Bible starts with creation and ends with the new creation. With lots of stories in between about Christ making things new in the meanwhile.

What book, chapter or verse really resonated with you? What did you learn about God?

What was something that left you really uncomfortable? What’s a question you have for Him? (And I encourage you to confront him with it! Don’t let that fester.)

Tomorrow we start Hebrews!


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