Revelation 19-20 B

So much of these chapters are so heavily debated it can be hard to know what to say about them.

What will the millennial kingdom look like? Will Jesus be on a literal horse? What does it mean that he’s the “Word of God”?

Something that’s always stood out to me about this millennial reign (whenever or however it is), is how at the end of it, Satan has an easy time forming a coupe. Even under the best government system and leader in the world, mankind will be itching to rebel.

I see that in myself and it’s so annoying. We’ve seen in recent days how some people have responded to this pandemic with generosity and thoughtfulness, while others have definitely been selfish and self-preserving. It’s good to be honest with ourselves about our tendencies toward evil.

Bring all that to the LORD, today. Be washed, redeemed and inspired. Obedience to Him is life. We could all use some life right now.


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