Ezekiel 25-26 B

“This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Because the people of Moab have said that Judah is just like all the other nations, I will open up their eastern flank and wipe out their glorious frontier towns…” 25:8-9

God doesn’t want Judah to be just like all the other nations. Judah should’ve been notably set apart and measurably different than the other nations. They should’ve been marked by fearing and knowing the LORD.

Arguably, I’m sure Judah provided Moab with plenty of material for that accusation. But also, I imagine they were happy to denounce God’s power and were gravely underestimating the holiness of the LORD.

How would someone size up your faith? Your church? Your representation of Christ?

Would you be just like everyone else? My friend Luke once said (and I believe he was quoting his pastor), if you want to know what people think of you as a Christian, ask your neighbors. It’s stuck with me for years!

I imagine this literally. My exact physical neighbors. They see me come and go, they overhear conversations. They know my family and close friends by name. They watch me parent, regularly. They stop by unannounced and know exactly what type of housekeeper I am and what’s in my fridge. Am I just like any other person to them? Is my lifestyle marked by knowing, loving and serving God?

What about yours?


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