Ezekiel 21-22 B

Within a chapter heavy with debauchery, we still get glimpses of God mourning the loss of relationship he has with Israel. Is he sickened by the blatant evil acts Israel is committing? Rightfully so. But I love that he also laments that Israel never even thinks of Him. (22:12)

Woven in verses about murder, rape and idolatry, he also accuses Israel of forgetting the Sabbath. I don’t know why I find this so remarkable; it’s just such a unique quality about the LORD compared to other gods. Or even leaders! He wants our hearts, not just mindless obedient robots.

Have you been under the leadership of someone who prioritizes the relational side as much as the logistical side? It’s such a gift, and as we can see in Scripture, this holistic approach is God’s approach too.

Do you think of him? Consider him when making decisions? Honor the sabbath? Align with his values of favoring the marginalized?

How do you approach your relationship with God?


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