Ezekiel 13-14 B

I was drawn to similar parts of these chapters as Bethany was last time. It’s important and deserves a revisit!

We feel passionate about people reading the Bible themselves, because we need to let God tell us who he is. Not just your pastor. Not an author of a Bible study. These resources can be so helpful when you’re seeking to understand the Bible and stay accountable to continue studying it. I’m still so thankful for the pastor I had in college who taught the Bible verse by verse and always eagerly urged us to sift everything he was saying through God’s word and the Holy Spirit. He, very wisely, never claimed to have all the answers or be the End All of knowledge on the text he was teaching.

Who are the ‘false prophets’ in your life?

Maybe it’s a podcast, an author or a good friend. Are you relying on them to make massive decisions about God for you?

Have you ever posed as a false prophet to someone else? Maybe you spoke into a situation and used spiritual language to manipulate the situation. You weighed in when you shouldn’t have, and you put your pride above the Spirit.

A good question to stop and ask yourself is what’s motivating me when I say this information or give this advice to someone? Your ego? Or the Holy Spirit?


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