Ezekiel 5-6 B

I wonder how often these chapters have been used in a fire-and-brimstone-style sermon.

On one hand, I think we can slip into a works-based relationship with the Lord. A lot of shame can stem from that, and that’s definitely not what he wants from his people.

But on the other hand, it’s easy to underestimate his wrath. Either way, we are in no position to apply the specific things God is saying to Israel to our own lives/culture/relationship. (God is not threatening you, the reader in 2020, to

But the general concept? We all need to pay attention and apply.

I once heard someone describe God’s anger as a slow-burning wick and it really helped things click for me. He’s not a time bomb. He won’t snap and obliterate us all when he runs out of patience. He is long-suffering. He loves us unconditionally. But there are consequences to our unrepented and repeated sin patterns.

Where do you fall on the spectrum of shame-based performance and intentional rebellion in your relationship with God? I’m more on the earn-my-love side of things. Either side of the spectrum, we are getting it wrong. He doesn’t want to scare you into obedience. And he doesn’t want you to disregard him either. Finding the balance is hard, but becomes more clear when I double down on reading his Word consistently.


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