Ezekiel 3-4 B

These chapters are full of weird asks. Role play a small scale model siege of Jerusalem? Lay on your side for 430 days? Eat bread cooked over poop? This won’t be the last strange thing the LORD requires of Ezekiel.

There have been many times throughout my life where I’ve wished that the LORD could have let things happen for me the way it happens for normal people. Why not have me walk a typical, understandable, well trodden path?

In hindsight, I’m very thankful for my life and the strange twists and turns it’s entailed, but I’m sure Ezekiel spent much of his life wondering why he had to be so weird.

An old friend of mine once responded to a self sacrificing life choice by saying, “if Ezekiel can lay on his side for 430 days, I can do this.” Well okay!

What’s something you’ve found in your life from the hand of God that seems strange or maybe even unfair? How did you respond to Him under that circumstance?

I think it’s important to not look over your shoulder at someone else’s life, or make any such comparisons along this path we walk before the LORD. He is our Creator and He gets to do what He wants with us.

What does that look like for you?


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