Numbers 35-36 B

Wouldn’t it be wild if Israel followed all theses laws obediently until now? Can you imagine the tribes still on their allotted land, which returned to them every perfectly executed Jubilee? Can you imagine what the cities of refuge would be like?

Tourism to such a place would evoke wonder: Health and sanitation laws which have withstood plagues, generous economic practices, unique justice systems, elaborate festivals… it would be a multi-level modern marvel!

I wonder if other nations would try to replicate their models. I wonder if many would try to immigrate.

Some of it probably couldn’t have continued these 3,500+ years. The population might have outgrown the land. Was this short sighted, or was it because the LORD knew it wouldn’t last long enough to become a spatial issue?

What would be most interesting to see in 2020, would be the glory cloud still over the first temple.

“Does God exist?” “Um… whoever Israel worships definitely exists!”

What a world that would be! But, alas! Tomorrow we dive right into the thick of this system’s end. We will meet Ezekiel in exile, and eventually watch the glory cloud leave the temple.

What stuck out to you this time through Numbers?


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