Numbers 27-28 B

It’s time to try again. After the forty years of consequences for not entering the promised land the first time, Moses is preparing the people for a second go: A recounting of men, a restating of key ordinances, a reappointing of leadership. These things became necessary, because sometimes everything gets thoroughly screwed and you’ve got to start over.

Human history is full of false starts, death, destruction, rebuilds, rebirth and vicious cycles. Living in Europe has given me a more tangible idea of just how many layers of cities can be built on the ruins of others.

It felt a little different reading yesterday’s chapters about the casualties of the plague after skimming the news for updated coronavirus stats.

But here we arrive: at the dawn of a new Israelite day, armed with inheritance rights for women, a newly appointed Joshua, and a reminder about sacrifice. Unfortunately, we know it’s just the beginning of another eventual end.

Today is the end of the first month of 2020, and it has not been a great year so far. The US lost a hero in the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others. This coronavirus has claimed over 200 souls and has infected more people than SARS did. Today the UK Brexits.

The facts of human circumstance on large scales is overwhelming. In the apex of Israel’s affluence, King Solomon writes Ecclesiastes.

While this can all be pretty depressing (sorry), I find a weird kind of peace knowing the LORD has maintained His sameness throughout. He’s also perpetually down for a reboot. He doesn’t give up, and He gives us New Years, new months, and new days–all the time.

Let’s count up what we have, find our leaders, respect each other’s rights, and never fail to skip a holy convocation–a celebration together before the LORD–for the Good He brings into our lives, allowing us to sacrifice when needed.


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