Numbers 21-22 B

I recently listened to a podcast that noted, from a psychology stand point, how genius the bronze snake is in this story. The remedy to the Israelites’ snake bites is to stare into the face of a snake.

I liked the reminder that God often has us face our problems head-on.

Sometimes it bothers me that God sent snakes down to bite them. But I wonder if the analogy of discontentment, spreading like venom in someone’s bloodstream, helped them see how toxic their complaining was. Bitterness leads to death. It kills joy, relationships and growth.

Also at this point I’m surprised he hadn’t totally given up on the Israelites. I will try to keep this in mind when enduring the complaining of my children, who only contribute two tiny, and very cute, voices.

Did you notice the red flags we see in Balaam’s character (I think this is a good practice and also maybe points to my trust issues)?

He’s motivated by money, instead of the Lord, and he’s cruel to animals (who treats their lifelong traveling companion that way?).

You can tell a lot about a person based on those two qualities.

What stuck out to you in these two very unique stories?



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