Numbers 19-20 B

It may not seem like it, but chapter 19 is incredibly important and has saved countless lives throughout history.

The LORD teaching Israel about hygiene, and how to handle dead bodies, saved them from numerous plagues, most famously–the bubonic plague—which decreased the population of Europe by half. This actually caused most Jews to relocate to Poland, because of the massive persecution they endured at the time for not being affected.

They probably didn’t know hyssop was an antiseptic with other medicinal purposes when the LORD told them to use it, but it is. They used it, washed with water, and didn’t spread disease.

Europeans thought the Jews were using dark magic to curse them. They over spiritualized a physical fact with superstition.

Often times we over spiritualize our blessings and curses, as we see them in life, and forget that obeying the LORD is simply smart. He is the Creator. He created hyssop and knows how to instruct people to not pass on diseases. His laws bring life, and not just in a spiritual way.

We find in our lives both grace and discipline. Sometimes discipline is just natural consequences to going against the created order. It’s that simple. It’s not the LORD’s personal vendetta against you. You’re the one endangering yourself by fighting science.

How do you find yourself fighting the natural order? In what areas are you ignoring the commands of the LORD? Talk to Him about that today.


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