Numbers 13-14 B

“Then they plotted among themselves, ‘Let’s choose a new leader and go back to Egypt!’ ” 14:4

The foreshadows and symbolism of Christ are endless in these chapters, but I felt especially drawn to this sentence.

I feel like I’ve been in the middle of that huddle. Haven’t you? The root of all their doubt in God’s plan is fear and they are ready to abandon Moses as their trusty leader and go back to slavery. SLAV-E-RY is the better option to them.

Moses has performed miracles in front of them, in the name of provision and protection, and they are still ready to bail. We are not logical people. We are fearful. We scare easily and run around, crashing into to one another like cartoon, when fear takes over.

What’s your knee-jerk reaction when you’re afraid?

Do you run towards God, or away from him?

Think of a time you’ve turned on a spiritual leader out of fear. Do you repeat this pattern in your relationship with the Lord?


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