Numbers 9-10 B

“At the command of the Lord they camped. As long as the cloud rested over the tabernacle many days, the people of Israel kept the charge of the Lord and did not set out.” 9:18

I love imagining the Israelites eyeing the sky, watching to see if the flame-cloud was lifting. Would it be time to pack up camp again? If you’ve ever been camping, you know this is not a quick task. I’m trying to imagine a constant camping trip, with children, animals and a ton of equipment and belongings. It sounds exhausting! Yet when you are literally draped with God’s protection and guidance, how could you complain? (As we all know, they found plenty of opportunities to fit it in.)

Are you in a season like that? Where every day (every hour), you’re waiting for God to lead you to your next spot?

Following a cloud filled with Lord’s presence sounds easier, honestly. Better than a constant guessing game of should we go here, should we take that job, is this relationship okay, what’s going to happen next blah blah blah.

When things are particularly rough and I’m not sure where to go next, he’s shown up in my dreams. Spelling out a very articulate message. “Do this.”

Often times I’ll pray and ask him to tell a specific person what I need to do next. I have several people who are messengers like this to me, like my husband or Bethany. (No pressure guys.) It’s okay to ask for confirmation and affirmation when you’re trying to follow the Lord.

It takes a certain about of faith, prayer and discernment to hear from God, but sometimes it’s just nice to have it confirmed by someone else. (If you feel like God is giving you a specific message for someone, pass it along!)

What does it look like for God to lead you around the wilderness?


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