Numbers 7-8 B

It must have been such an interesting dynamic being born into the tribe of Levi. We don’t have any control over the families we’re born into. This is a majorly different lifestyle. The eleven other tribes don’t have distinguishing traits (yet, Judah). I imagine there were levels of envy on all sides.

Everything about being a Levite is spelled out, neatly. They don’t own land the same, they have ready-made jobs, and only work between the ages of 25 and 50 (8:24-25). This makes me wonder what was typical for the average man to work. These days, twenty-five years in the workforce is nothing. The average person probably does closer to forty-five.

I don’t know why specifies for the Levites always makes me think about how people compared themselves back then. Maybe because the story line of a kid not wanting to follow in the family business has been such a trope.

It’s interesting to think of how the LORD places us in families. He specifically determines when and where we will live (Acts 17:26). As much as we like to take control of our lives, there’s truly so much out of our hands. Time, place, life, death, much more in between.

How do we deal with this lack of control? Do we “kick against the goads”? Do we complain? Do we relish in our privilege, minimizing it’s power? Think about what you have and how you relate to it.


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