Leviticus 23-24 B

I’ve recently been contemplating what I think about the death penalty. It came up in conversation somehow among friends and I was fascinated by all the pieces of Scripture people used to defend their stance.

Whatever side of the argument you land on, one thing is for sure, it’s tricky. To lean heavily into pacifism seems to ignore the Old Testament. But the other side of the argument seems to require ignoring most of the New Testament.

This came to mind today when I was reading 24:13-24. Lots of people getting what they deserve, laying in the bed they made, tasting their own medicine, etc. Consequences are quite different before Jesus arrives on the scene, right?

We can’t cherry-pick out of the Bible to get it to say what we want.

The Bible is one seamless story and you need all of it. And I’m so, so thankful to be living in the part of the story with Jesus in it.

Are you operating out of God’s immense grace?

Do you want to receive his grace and mercy, but want your enemies to answer to the Levitical law?


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