Leviticus 15-16 B

What a significant amount of information about discharge! Bethany had a lovely response to chapter 15, which you can revisit here.

Naturally, chapter 16 prompts me to think of Jesus. Our permanent Scapegoat. Isn’t it kind of silly that they symbolically placed all their sins into the goat and then chased it off into the wilderness? Could this really be an act of atonement? Goats eat everything (every thing) without discernment, they scare easily and they have quite loud, obnoxious vocals.

Unassuming animals, with dirt in their hooves and scratchy fur, were responsible for atoning all of Israel’s inequities and transgressions.

This is such gospel-currency. King Jesus made his arrival humbly, quietly and slowly. “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” they’d ask. (John 1:6)

God loves using the unsuspecting and preparing the ill-equipped for his work. Don’t underestimate him!

Is he calling you into something? Do you feel hesitant? Why?


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