Luke 23 B

“Now Herod and Pilate became friends with one another that very day; for before they had been enemies with each other.” (12)

Today I noticed all the little sub plots going on among Gentiles. While this was an apex moment for the Jews (and little did they know, all mankind), it was just another day for the Roman government.

That Passover, these Jews were riled up, only coming to a higher court because their own law didn’t allow the execution they were looking for. A couple politicians play hot potato with a seemingly innocent guy. “Oh, he’s in your jurisdiction! Can you take this?”

Maybe Pilate and Herod bonded over their confusion as to why the Jews wanted to kill a nice guy. Herod was excited to see Jesus, and rolled in ready for a magic show.

After this back and forth–even invoking a random rule about releasing a prisoner (which backfired)–Pilate washes his hands of it all, but not before making a sign to put above Jesus as he died.


A real slap to the face for all their outlandish claims against the man, Jesus.

“Certainly this man was innocent.” (47) remarks a random centurion as he watches him die.

What a weird day. The Jews decide to crucify their Messiah, while meanwhile, a pair of political enemies become friends.

I wonder if Pilate or Herod heard rumors of the resurrection afterwords. I wonder if it made them chuckle and shake their heads. In any case, this wasn’t the last the Roman government would hear about Jesus.

And it wouldn’t be the last time Jesus turned enemies into friends.


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