Luke 7 B

“When the Lord saw her, He felt compassion for her, and said to her, ‘Do not weep.’” (13)

Something really hit me this time when I read these words: Jesus was constantly being approached for miracles and healing, wisdom and counsel. However, this mourning widow did not ask Jesus for anything. He just happened to be passing the scene.

Jesus had stepped into the suffering of mankind. Many things moved him to emotional responses: the death of Lazarus, the obstinance of Israel, the vendors in the temple, etc.

In the Law of Moses, the LORD outlined numerous structures and safety nets so that women would not be left unprotected and provided for. There were charges to husbands, fathers, brothers, son, uncles, nephews, even something called “kinsmen redeemers”! Now many of these systems had either never gained traction, or had broken down over time, leaving many women vulnerable and many widows doomed.

When Jesus sees a woman crying as she follows the corpse of her only son, He is moved to action. No one would suppose He was in the Resurrection business (that move had yet to be unfurled), and there’s no indication that this women knew who Jesus was. If I were her, I would be very unaware of who I was passing on the road if my only son had just died.

So Jesus makes the first move. He’s not waiting for an invitation, He sees a horribly broken situation, all too familiar to the human condition, and He’s like, no no no; I’m getting you your son back. He brings them resurrection life without being asked.

This is very cool, and maybe I don’t have much more to comment about it besides, let’s think about how very cool Jesus is, and what this move says about the LORD and His compassion.

The LORD saw the broken, death-ridden state of the world and busted in with resurrection life. He sent His Messiah at a time when no one expected Him and showed us all a few things about His love and salvation. What hope do you draw out of this story today?


One thought on “Luke 7 B

  1. Holly Hartman

    This really moved me, I always read the Bible knowing the plotlines, character archs and endings. Thank you for drawing them fresh and raw so I am brought back to the wonder of Jesus’ love for us.

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