Joel 3-Amos 1 B

I rewatched The Bible Project overview and the description of Northern Israel’s king as apathetic really resonated with me.

Apathy is just this quiet, effortless evil that grows. It’s a privilege to be apathetic. If you have that luxury, it’s a sign that you are able to side-step corruption and brokenness that others can’t escape.

What do you find yourself indifferent towards?

You don’t have to have a fiery passion behind every cause. What has God put in front of you? You are called to care about that.

It is equally unproductive to get finger-pointy and bitter towards people who don’t feel as enthusiastic about something as you. Americans, we need to wake up. We need to actively work against apathy. But shaming and should-ing people isn’t going to help!

Enthusiasm and drive are contagious. Encourage people to jump in on what you care about and what you’re doing. I’m always way more interested in partnering with someone who’s like “this is what I’m doing, you want in?” than I am about someone who shames me.

Let’s not let apathy blind us from a huge need in front of us. If you’re not sure what to take on, pray about it. Sometimes I realize I’m looking over people’s heads trying to find The Big Thing God Has For Me. When really, it’s humble, meaningful work right in my lap. And it’s just as important.


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