Hosea 13-14 B

“I took care of you in the wilderness, in that dry and thirsty land. But when you had eaten and were satisfied, you became proud and forgot me.” 13:5-6

Pride. It’s our biggest obstacle in our relationship with God. It’s the obstacle.

When I read this verse above, I reflected on times in the past when God had rescued me, fed and nourished me, and then I forgot him.

If I’ve gleaned anything from Israel’s relationship with God, it’s that humility is something we have to actively work towards.

Our egos are constantly fighting against us! We need to remember what God has done for us.

Remembrance will prompt gratefulness, and gratefulness will prompt humility. And humility combats pride.

Reflect on your rescue story with God. This is the best way to stay grateful. Remember what he’s done!


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