Hosea 5-6 B

“I will return again to my place, until they acknowledge their guilt and seek my face, and in their distress earnestly seek me.” 5:15

Bethany wrote a great reflection on verses from chapter 6 last night, so I decide to hone in on this verse from 5.

God’s response to our stubbornness is so loving. I feel especially grateful for this quality of His as I raise young kids. My fuse is pretty short and I get pretty self-righteous pretty quickly when it’s not.

I love that no matter how wrong we are, he is still waiting to rescue us in our distress.

It makes me think about when my two year old gets scared halfway up our steep staircase. We have baby gates at the top and bottom, but inevitably they get left open. She takes any opportunity she can to scurry past the forbidden barrier and work her way upstairs towards her brother’s room. Eventually, she panics and calls for me when she’s towards the top. My irritation that she’s disobeying, again, never overrides my desire to take care of her. I don’t just want to be right. I want her to be safe.

It’s not really a comparable analogy, but in this season of young kids and power struggles, I’m reminded often of how patient and steadfast God is with us.


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