Jeremiah 44-46 B

“…they burned incense and worshiped other gods-gods that neither they nor you nor any of your ancestors had ever even known.” 44:3b

I’ve noticed a handful of my friends being vocal about practicing witch craft lately. It’s kind of casual, just a moon ritual here, or a spell recited there. Maybe a little altar set up in the corner of their room that they showcase on Instagram.

People want to be a part of something, they want to connect and be part of an experience. They want an altar; something to prop up and worship. They want to feel powerful. What alarms me is they have no idea what they’re aligning themselves with. Or should I say, who.

I took note of the verse above because it’s a reminder that we get to personal know our God. There is no other religion that compares to knowing the LORD. No other god. No other power. His story and history with us is written down. His spirit is everywhere. No spells are needed to talk or summon him.

Who are you aligning yourself with?

Do you know the source of the power you invite into your life?


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