Jeremiah 41-43 B

We do three chapters today, because it forms a complete narrative. You can’t end on that 42 cliffhanger, although it would have been easy to guess that these people who just asked for advice would quickly toss it aside.

To summarize:

People of Judah: What should we do? We will do anything you say!

Jeremiah: the LORD will be with you if you stay here and HE will keep you safe. Whatever you do, don’t go to Egypt. EGYPT=DEATH.

People of Judah: Oh what!? No way! We are definitely going to Egypt.

So, spoiler alert, they go to Egypt and die. It’s like, why did they even ask? Just to check and see if they might coincidentally be planning to do as the LORD wants?

There’s definitely been times in my life I’ve had a question I didn’t really want to ask the LORD. It’s easier for my conscience to wonder into a grey area without checking than to ask when my mind is already made up.

Have you ever done that? Are you doing it now? When’s a time when you asked the LORD for His word and then really didn’t want to obey it? What fears or mistrust led you in our out of that situation?


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