Jeremiah 39-40 B

“Settle in the towns you have taken, and live off the land. Harvest the grapes and summer fruits and olives, and store them away.” 40:10b

Under this verse in my Bible, I printed the words “invest” with a smeary pen.

Gedaliah is offering hope and provision to the remnant left in Judah. They own nothing, and he’s giving them a place to settle down and live off the land.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place we don’t want to call home. We have a different future dreamed up in our head and are convinced this is just a pit stop along the way.

But every time I’ve found myself in a temporary circumstance and dug in anyway, God blessed me immensely. He’d give me community that’d become family. He’d endear me to a location I thought I hated. He’d show me beauty I didn’t know was there, or weave me into friendships and connections I didn’t know I needed. He has so much purpose and intention for our lives all the time. Invest where you are, even if you feel like you’re being held captive in a place you don’t want to be. Keep your perspective wide, remembering that some people really are held captive. And look at these chapters! God is faithful and kind to them too. It’s not a mistake, and he’s not outside of it.

Are you investing where he has you?


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