Jeremiah 37-38 B

King Zedekiah and the other officials keep waiting for Jeremiah to change his story. What makes them think that imprisoning him or mistreating him will change the Word of the LORD? If it merely changes his dedication to delivering it, it still doesn’t change the actual truth of the matter.

The same is true today. We can twist the truth to suit out fancies, but it will find us in the end. The truth has a way of coming to light.

Still, we like to distract ourselves with easy-to-disgust lies and half truths. Zedekiah was outraged Jeremiah wouldn’t give him better news. He wanted to hear that his stellar leadership and kingliness would win out in the end. No such luck.

Salvation via surrender is not what the prideful want to hear, but it’s still the way we draw closer to the LORD.

Unrelated… I like how it’s an Ethiopian eunuch that saves Jeremiah from the muddy cistern. I really love it anytime a Gentile wanders in and does the right thing in the middle of Israel’s inability to do remotely so. It also piques my interest to note there’s more than one Ethiopian eunuch mentioned in the Bible (see also Acts 8:25-39).

What does your surrender look like today?


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