Jeremiah 25-26 B

“Then the officials and all the people said to the priests and to the prophets, ‘No death sentence for this man! For he has spoken to us in the name of the LORD our God.’” (26:16‬)

I am reminded of Jeremiah’s call at the beginning of this book, specifically the LORD’s promise: “they will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you.” (1:29)

The LORD doesn’t promise and easy path, but He does promise to be with His people. In 20:2 we find Jeremiah beaten and put in stocks. His life was no picnic, and his message was rarely heeded, but he couldn’t deny his calling (20:9).

Reading chapter 26, today, had me wondering how many times Jeremiah thought to himself, this is it. He would be faithful to the end, and therefore perhaps never feared it. A lot changes when your fear is only of the LORD.

Sometimes we get the idea in our heads that the LORD owes us an easy life. For Jeremiah, this was certainly not the case.

How important is truth to us? How fervently do we cry for His Kingdom come come and His Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven? How does that impact our lives from day to day?

Pray through, and meditate on, the Lord’s Prayer today. What are the implications of it in your life?


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