1 Peter 1 B

Back in Bible college, I had a whole semester long class on First and second Peter. It was a three hour class, every week, and we were required to do six hours of homework, each week, which needed to be thoroughly logged. I have spent a ton of time on this book. I got really tired of it. Commentaries, reading it over and over, mapping out sentences. It felt (and was) tedious.

That semester, my sister Natalie had moved to Simi Valley, and because of my ridiculous school schedule, I wasn’t able to spend much time with her. One afternoon, she asked to hang out, and I lamented I still had a lot of hours of first Peter homework to do. She suggested we do it together. What came of the hang out, was a poster board illustrating all of chapter 1. My sister is a professional artist (I dabble). Since that time, first Peter one has had a totally different life.

My best advice is to do something similar. Engage with each world. Meditate on it, imagine it illustrated.

Whenever I read the verse, “though you don’t see him, you love him, and are filled with joy inexpressible”, I see our little cartoon guy, blindfolded, holding hands with Jesus with a big smile and huge heart coming from his chest.

Let the Word come alive to you in new ways. I know the letters in the NT can start feeling worn out after awhile (since it’s common to read them more often). How can they be made fresh today?


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