3 John & Jude B

“Beloved, do not imitate evil, but imitate good.” 3 John 11

In a culture obsessed with being unique, no one wants to admit to imitation. It really amuses me how much we strive to be original. When really, everyone is imitating something.

My brother has always done his own thing. He use to completely mortify me when he showed up to our middle school wearing tennis balls glued to the bottom of his shoes. He wore a cape most of his freshman year of high school. He’s one of the most unique people I know, never bending towards the trends or society’s expectations. But he will be the first person to tell you that he is still influenced by something, and still imitating someone. The cape was a Seinfeld reference and the black top hat he often wore was a nod to Clockwork Orange.

We are all imitating something. Maybe it’s a peer group, or a subculture you hang with. Maybe it’s someone famous that you don’t even know, but whose work you closely follow.

We are sheep. It’s not an insult (but it’s not a compliment), and the quicker we embrace this about our humanity, the more intentional we can be with our lives and our influence. Notice that John didn’t write “don’t imitate sinful behavior”. To me, it’s more like “you’re going to imitate something, so make it good”.

Do you imitate Christ? How?

Who influences your identity the most right now?


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