Job 39-40 B

Pain makes us short sighted, herein lies the genius in the LORD’s reply. He pulls back a veil to reveal a bigger picture, one that moves Job to lay his hand over his mouth (40:4).

As Carly focused us last time: humility is key, people.

Job’s previous speeches probably didn’t feel prideful at the time, but they were. It’s all too easy to be tripped up in our own pride. Thank God, in His severe mercy He knocks us off our high horse. It is destructively not our place.

There is always something to check our pride about. Even the most righteous man on the earth can have the wrong theology. So how do we have the audacity to claim inerrancy at any turn?

We must always approach the LORD and His Word in humility. We must approach, life, each other, circumstances and successes in the same fashion.

What area of pride are you currently wrestling in? If you don’t know, ask a brave, honest friend, spouse, sibling, child, etc. Where have I been blinded by pride? Yikes. I am not comfortable with an exercise like this, but what if we could graciously help each other in this struggle?

Ask the LORD for a tender heart to be humble today.


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