Job 29-30 B

There’s something humbling Job’s description of his past self. It’s sad, but also reminds me that our lives can turn upside down so quickly.

I was also imagining meeting Job during this season of his life. He’s deeply depressed, in a constant state of sorrow and blaming it all on God. Have you met someone like this? Maybe you don’t have context for their suffering and as long as you’ve known them, they’ve been a heap of grief and pain.

If you didn’t know Job before his life fell apart, you wouldn’t know all those wonderful things about him that he mentions in chapter 29. He helped the blind, the poor, strangers and widows. People stood up when he walked in to a room. He was often honored, revered. Everyone was on the edge of their seats for his perspective, advice or even just one of his smiles.

Reading these chapters on Job’s former life reminds me to keep in mind that I don’t know the full scope of where people are with the Lord and why. Suffering changes a person.

Is there someone in your life who is in a steep amount of pain? What do you find yourself assuming about them? Or their relationship with God?


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