Job 23-26 B

Job poses an interesting, and relatable, question…why do bad things happen to godly people? Why are evil people seemingly getting away with everything and terrible, senseless acts are falling on the heads of good people?

If you have a relationship with God, you’ve wondered this as well. Why does that nice person from church have cancer? Why did the young pastor’s wife with three kids tragically lose her husband? Why in the world did God step aside and invite Satan to dismantle Job’s life and completely destroy everything he knew and loved?

As Job makes abundantly clear in chapter 26, he’s well aware of God’s power and sovereignty over creation. He knows nothing can compete with his power and authority, and that there’s no room for sin in his presence. I kinda laughed at his tongue-in-cheek retort to Bildad. As we read (EVER SO SLOWLY) through the chapters of Job, I’m reminded what not to do when you’re coming alongside someone in their suffering. Basically: you need to be quiet.

There isn’t a pep talk in the world that can provide the answers only God holds.

“God stretches the northern sky over empty space and hangs the earth on nothing. He wraps the rain in his thick clouds, and the clouds don’t burst with the weight. He covers the face of the moon, shrouding it with his clouds.” 26:7-9



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