Job 9-10 B

“If I called and He answered me, I could not believe that He was listening to my voice.” (9:16‬)

Yes, Job, this is unfathomable. When considering the vast greatness of the LORD, and the lowly, microscopic nature of man by contrast–why would He ever notice? How could He?

I’m imagining the view from an airplane. From just 30,000 feet up, it’s impossible to spot a person. Spatially, it seems the LORD would have to live somewhere in outer-space, because of how big He is. That would make us very hard to see and hear, indeed. But His bigness fills the earth. He is everywhere. Somehow He is both as grand as Job says, and willing to answer our prayers.

It’s hard to hold the infinite and intimate nature of God in our minds at the same time, but they’re both true.

Let’s praise Him for this as we meditate on its truth today.


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