Nehemiah 9-10 B

Chapter 9 is just the best, isn’t it? I love all the specific details mentioned of God’s provision. How God came down from heaven to his people in the wilderness (9:13), how he took such good care of them, their clothes didn’t even wear out in 40 years (9:21). I jotted down the summary line by line, and it really highlighted the pattern of God’s relationship with his people. His repeated compassion and the mercy he extends. His presence among them.

It’s Saturday, you have a minute, right? Pour another cup of coffee and pull out a notebook. Summarize your journey with God. Take note of the details. When did he come down and stay with you, leading the way like a pillar of fire? When did you rebel, turning to other gods? How did provide for you?

The more we familiarize ourselves with God’s abundant provision and presence in our lives, the better. Know your story with him and you’ll be eager to tell it. Practice seeing the hand of the Lord in your life and you won’t be able to miss it. Even when you’re wandering in the wilderness, he’s with you.


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