Nehemiah 7-8 B

I love the feast of booths. It’s one of my favorite festivals to imagine (mostly because it’s not entirely fixated on slitting animal throats).

The Jews are re-identify themselves as His people, honoring His word. Then, they all camp and share food, nay, feast.

Celebrating is the best. Camping is the best. My favorite thing all year is when my Montavilla church family camps together for a week in July. We eat so much and our campsites blend into each other. It’s one big, communal, celebration. We reflect together about the year, the goodness of the LORD, we laugh, play games, cry together, talk, eat, talk, eat, talk.

For Israel this was following major change: Their beloved city rebuilt, debts forgiven, slaves set free, enemies deterred, God’s protection and provision apparent after decades of sorrow. Oh there was much to celebrate.

This festival takes place in the fall. This year it will be in mid-October. It coincides with the end of harvest, hence the abundance for feasting. Indeed, Israel was feeling filled up in this moment. The first time in a long time.

I always want to make sure that in moments of victory and abundance, I celebrate. What does that look like for you? How do you express thanksgiving in seasons of fullness? Isn’t it so cool that this is a mandated holiday from the LORD?


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