Nehemiah 3-4 B

These chapters demonstrate some of the best teamwork examples ever. Everyone has a job in front of them, and next to them is a fellow man also working hard. They’re all linked. When things grow more complicated by encroaching enemies, they continue to work as a team.

“At whatever place you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.” (4:20‬)

This reminds me of something Camp Tadmor would make its staff do every summer during training. Knowing that when campers arrived, we’d all be in different roles, spinning different plates (ie. Counseling, emceeing, activity facilitating, cooking, chopping firewood, etc.) we would do one major team building project–as a whole, all 60-80 of us–to drive home the fact that we will still be one team all summer.

These tasks were massive. Usually it involved moving something outlandishly large. I hated them. It was usually an entire day of pain, sweat, frustration and sometimes allergies (thanks, June in Linn County: grass seed capital of the world).

Carly and I would link up at the beginning of the day to make our obligatory “if I die during this exercise make sure they know my dying wish is for camp to stop doing these” vow.

However much I hated them, it was always amazing to see what could be accomplished when 70-ish people worked feverishly together.

This moment in Israel’s history would have sucked to live through, but it also would have been amazing to witness. Everyone working together in United purpose, focused on their section, but rallying to each other in times of need. Very cool. Even more epic, because they were all working with one hand, the other employed to carry a weapon.

While we might not be in seasons of life that require a lot of obvious teamwork, we can all improve the situations around us by being a team player.

What can we be doing for Team Humanity? Bringing a meal to a friend in a tough time? Recycling or walking to work? Volunteering in the community? Educating yourself and opening up to see things from the perspective of a neighbor?

What can you do for Team Family? The dishes? Put down your phone to play a game?

Getting out of our own heads and looking to the interests of others is one of the healthiest things we can do, both individually and communally. Maybe that’s why the Bible is such a broken record about it.

What will it look like for you today?


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