2 Chronicles 35-36 B

I love all the details we’re given of Josiah observing the Passover for the first time in years. Josiah has cleaned house, removing all the pagan idols and renewing the covenant between God and his people. You guys, 30,000 cattle and 2,600 lambs? That’s a lot. The details of the ceremony, the sprinkled blood and the urgency to serve the food while still hot…this event is no small task.

I love celebrating. I love worshiping alongside other people, I love gathering together for a meal or throwing a big party. But it doesn’t happen without rolling up your sleeves and serving. Bethany and I worked at summer camp into young adulthood, and it was probably just as much fun for us as it was for the hundreds of middle schoolers showing up. But one thing I took away from it was the work that goes into setting the scene for others to meet with God. Details, logistics, sometimes costumes, planning, hard work, less sleep, lots of prayer and never enough fresh coffee. You have to anticipate problems, you have to invite God into it and you need to roll up your sleeves and work. No, summer camp is not like a Passover feast. But also summer camp is exactly like a Passover feast. Anytime you’re setting the table (metaphorically or literally) for people to sit down and meet with God, recognize who he is and what he’s done, is a feast worth having. Don’t be afraid of the work it takes (it couldn’t possible be more than slaughtering thousands of cattle) ! It’s worth it, and God will show up.

This wraps up our time in Chronicles! Revisit Beth’s wrap up post from last time.


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