2 Chronicles 29-30 B

Hezekiah is a big deal. He gets a lot of coverage in Kings and Chronicles for how he’s able to turn the ship around after a horrible king. Unfortunately, he’s sandwiched by another horrible king. He stands alone.

He’s a contemporary of Isaiah, and it’s generally accepted (if my memory serves) that they were related: First cousins, maybe.

I love Hezekiah and how to sends out Kingdom wide invites to a Passover. He takes his time, making sure the temple is properly consecrated. After all these many days of extreme overhaul, it says this:

“Then Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced over what God had prepared for the people, because the thing came about suddenly.” (‭‭29:36)

It happened suddenly, by their count. One day, you’ve got a menacing king who offers human sacrifice, and the next, the temple is clean and worship of the LORD is reinstated.

This gives me hope that with a few weeks of earnest work, a nation can be changed suddenly. It’s not promised to last forever, but just as “too good to last” can be true, the opposite also applies.

Nothing truly lasts. The world changes up and down, back and forth. Patience, endurance and hard work when opportunities come is important. Where do you find yourself today?


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