2 Chronicles 27-28 B

Just the other day I was feeling bored and ready to move on from Chronicles. Something I love about reading the Bible alongside a good friend is the accountability it provides; I continue to pick up my Bible and trudge through.

But the past few days I’ve been so fueled by the chapters and today’s reading felt the same. I needed to be reminded that ultimately God is on the throne, even when godless men wear the (temporary) crown.

One minute, Jotham is reigning over Jerusalem and walking steadfastly before the Lord, and the next minute Ahaz is using his kingship to close the doors of the Temple and sacrifice his children to Baal. Burned his children alive in an act of “worship” to a statue, you guys.

We can’t rely on people, even the godly ones. Because they come and go, they change their minds, they age or move or step down. If you feel discouraged in this area of life right now, lean into the Lord.

He’s the Solid Rock, the Good Shepherd and he never changes, gives up or wavers in his faithfulness to us. The only King we can count on!


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