2 Chronicles 9-10 B

The next time someone asks me, “if you could time travel to any era of history where and when would you go?” I need to remember my answer is this moment when Solomon gets a visit from the Queen of Sheba.

I can kind of imagine it, thanks to a combination of Hollywood magic and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. But I want to see what all the wealth of the world looks like.

With spices and animals coming in from all the far reaches of the planet, what were they eating? Fusion Korean tacos? With all the best the nations had to offer in one place, what is built? An excess of everything.

I found this list of the estimated 20 wealthiest people in history (Solomon ranks number 5). Extreme wealth is a strange thing. A lot of the guys on this list were not nice, but many others were generous. It’s impossible to blanket statement wealthy people, besides to say, they do have a lot of power.

Today, I feel wealthy because I know a lot of people. Somehow I’ve met some of the best people the modern world has to offer. I feel I’ve collected, or absorbed, as much as I can from around the world–my favorite things it has to offer–and I am fortunate enough to be full of diverse experience and friendships (also tacos and shawarma).

Variety has always been the spice of my life. This was my favorite thing about growing up in the melting pot that is the United States. No matter where I am, I hope I can be generous with the wealth I possess. We all have our best to share, and it’s lovely to see all the unique varieties.

Thank God He has given us glimpses of where wisdom can lead, and that we have the histories and writings of Solomon. We know all good things come from His hand.

How will we “share the wealth” today?


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