2 Chronicles 3-4 B

It’s so interesting reading about all the details of the Temple. It’s hard to imagine all the work that went in to it, when it’s creation quickly unfolds in just a few chapters. But wow, everything is covered in gold and pomegranates and cherubim!

I’m always wavering between come-as-you-are-to-God and worrying that I’m underestimating his holiness. Chapters like this add to my confusion a little bit, although I try to keep in mind that God had not come down to dwell with man yet. We weren’t able to coexist quite yet.

But now, living in time after Christ, aren’t our bodies temples of the Holy Spirit? 

How well do I steward this?

I know I can’t earn worthiness with the Lord, and what makes the gospel so special is that our hearts are no place for God, yet he dwells with us anyway. I don’t know, it’s just something to keep in mind.

Solomon went to all this trouble, building long tables and building solid gold lamps, I could at least clean up my language a little bit, right? Exercise, eat well, avoid crude images and practice good hygiene. Right?

Of course, we can come as we are to Jesus. Anytime, any condition we’re in. But I also want to keep in mind that my heart and soul are hosting a very important guest, worthy of sacrifice and respect.



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