1 Chronicles 26-27 B

I really enjoyed Carly’s thoughts on this last time.

Chronicles, at once, covers much more and much less than I would expect from a book of the Bible. For many generations, I could imagine it being a thrill for a family member to spot their great (to the nth) grandfather’s name and trade in these pages. “You see son, we are (insert occupation here) people.”

In this way, Chronicles remains an identity document. More job titles are listed than I would assume necessary, but that’s because I’m from a culture obsessed with status, which doesn’t value every trade.

The truth is, all jobs are important and we need people for all of them. It’s very beautiful to think of how the LORD gave us different skills and gifts. What a glorious work of art we are as a collective group!

Maybe you’re still trying to find your place in the story, but don’t get tripped up with comparisons or status. The best we can all do is live the life we’re allotted to the glory of God, which is designed to edify the whole.


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