1 Chronicles 24-25 B

I love chapter 25 and the time, effort and dedication that went into worship music. I know a few of our readers attend churches that exclude musical instruments from their worship services. I don’t particularly know why, although I’m sure they have their reasons. I appreciate the way it strips down the experience worship. There’s less distraction, no guitar solos and less opportunity to jockey for the spotlight. It’s just raw, holy voices, uniting over the lyrics and a love of the Lord.

But there’s just something to be said about the beauty of musical instruments paired with singing voices. (There is also something to be said about a cappella worship services as well!) I would love to hear the music that the people in chapter 25 wrote. I bet it was beautiful and hopefully honored the Lord.

Music, whether it includes instruments or not, has always drawn me in to worship and sabbath with the Lord. I’m so thankful for it and for the people God has gifted with musical talent!

How do you connect with God through music?


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