1 Chronicles 22-23 B

“David said, ‘My son Solomon is young and inexperienced, and the house that is to be built for the LORD shall be exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious throughout all lands. Therefore now I will make preparation for it.’ So David made ample preparations before his death.” (22:5)

This could at once be an object lesson for parenting, or also a challenge to us all about how to set up the next generation for success.

So often I hear people quake with fear at the thought of what the world will look like in the next fifty years. Some people are afraid to even have kids, thinking the future looks so bleak!

Here’s the thing. Life does go on, and just because those in charge now won’t be in charge later (thank God, actually) it doesn’t necessarily mean things have to get worse.

Solomon outshined his father in many ways. His days were much more The Golden Age of Israel. He was a king in peace. He was immeasurably wealthy and expanded Israel to its broadest borders.

It takes a lot of humility (and faith) to image the next generation doing better than us. God is still powerfully enthroned and anything is possible.

So why the anxiety? Maybe we’re tracking trends, but isn’t history more cyclical than a steady descent into oblivion?

  • What has the Lord put on your heart?
  • How can you inspire the next generation to take this dream further than you can in your lifetime?
  • What would it looks like to prepare?
  • What resources can you gather to pass on?

Maybe you need to go further back. Ask the LORD for hope and vision for the future. All of us frantically running around like Henny Penny isn’t helping. We need to be hopeful for the coming century.

Pray for young leaders to rise up. Pray for creative solutions and peace. Pray for a generation who can worship and serve the LORD better than we did.


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