Psalm 148-150 B

“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” (150:6‬)

This glorious collection of prayers, poems, laments and songs ends with a call to praise. Everything! 148 invites all life (including bugs v.10) to praise Him. 150 employs all instruments to praise Him.

Today, I had the sudden urge to break out into a loud, hearty rendition of “Crown Him with Many Crowns”. I restrained myself, since I was in a quiet room of people (what a shame), but when it came time to read today’s passage; I felt the call to praise Him at the surface of my soul.

We are His creation; the marvelous work of His hands. He is beyond comparison or comprehension and the very essence of His majesty begs to be praised.

Now might not be the time or place, but let’s find that time and place today and sing to Him!

Tomorrow we start the letter of James.


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