Psalm 119: Shin & Taw B

“Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble.” 119:165

I always feel drawn to parts of the Bible offering God’s peace. There’s nothing like it. No sedative, distraction or pep talk can cover a weary heart like his peace.

Nothing can make them stumble. Often when the Bible take about “stumbling”, it’s referring to behavior that leads one into sinfulness.

I read this verse and hear “people who obey all the rules never worry and never fail” and feel overwhelmed. I know this isn’t how it works! You can love God’s law and still stumble all over the place. Perhaps it’s hyperbole, giving a glimpse of what’s at least possible within obedience.

I can’t strive for perfection; it will lead only to more anxiety and failure. Maybe I’m getting it wrong. Maybe loving God’s law to get something out of it is where the failure starts.

Maybe loving God’s requirements and sinking deeper into a life with him organically changes my behavior and produces peace, obedience and structure.

(Give yourself a round of applause for getting through all 176 verses of chapter 119!)


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