Psalm 119: Pe & Tsadhe B

“Your laws are wonderful. No wonder I obey them!” 119:129

I think it’s safe to assume we don’t get there right away. If you’re like me, you push back on rules. Maybe you blatantly ignore them; maybe you try to bend them as much as possible without breaking them. Or maybe you’re a rule-follower! Wherever you are on this spectrum, how often do you find yourself saying no wonder I obey your rules, they’re so perfect.

Honestly, I’m getting there. The more and more I read the Bible, the more I lean back into God’s guidelines and expectations. The more I break the rules, the more I realize they exist out of love and for my protection.

When we engage in the full story of the Bible and trust his design for life, we can respond with your laws are so wonderful.

Do you find yourself bristling against one of God’s expectations?

How do you respond?

Think of a time you’ve been thankful for the way God has instructed you on something. Did it feel more freeing than oppressive?


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