Psalm 119: Samekh & Ayin B

“I am Your servant; give me understanding, that I may know your testimonies.” (125)

Do you give reasons in your prayers? Sometimes I find myself giving the LORD reasons for why He should help me. Why should He help me to know what He wants or help me to know what to do (AKA understanding)? Because I am His servant.

Quite often we find the Psalmist crying out to the LORD, and the reason is; because he is totally dependent on the LORD to act. His literal life depends on it, sometimes.

Do you ever allow yourself into those kinds of waters with the LORD? Like, there’s no plan B if He doesn’t act? Maybe a better question is, do you really want to understand? And when you do, what are you planning to do with that information? Respond as a servant would?

We want to see the LORD’s hand. We want to get the inside scoop and understand what’s going on. But what would we do with that information? I think these things need to go hand in hand. The servant-hood obedience and dependence is married to the LORD bringing understanding in it’s time.

What are you still struggling to understand? Can you find any connection between what you wish to know and what you’re afraid to surrender?


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