Psalm 119: Mem & Nun B

“I have refused to walk on any evil path, so that I may remain obedient to your word. I haven’t turned away from your regulations, for you have taught me well.” 119:101-102

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is when Joseph physically runs away from sexual temptation; his struggle so fierce that he ripped out of his robe to get away (Gen 39). It’s a refreshing story in the Old Testament of someone fleeing from sexual immorality instead of pouncing on it.

Anyway, the verse above from today’s chapters had me reflecting on how seldom I refuse to walk on any evil path. It has me thinking about the company I keep, the content I engage in, the conversations I hold and the thought life I have. Nothing glaring comes to mind, and I don’t exactly stroll down any particularly evil paths.

But it’s a reminder that a holy, godly life requires resistance and an active opposition to sin.

I like that the author/translation uses “refuse”. Not “politely decline” or “avoid if possible“, but refuse.

How do you respond when sinful opportunities pop up?

How are you actively fending off sin in your life?


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